250,000 tonnes of fertiliser distributed

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The Agriculture Inputs Ltd (AICL) has distributed around 250,000 tonnes of fertiliser so far. As per the company, it has sold a total of 149,798 tonnes of urea fertiliser, 91,542 tonnes of DAP and 5,993 tonnes of potassium till date.

According to the AICL, fertiliser have been imported by utilising the remaining budget of the previous fiscal year and the grant amount allocated for the current fiscal. For the next fiscal year the has allocated a total of Rs 11 billion as fertiliser grant.

Netra Bhandari, managing director of the company, claimed that farmers need not worry as there is no shortage of fertiliser. Although the import of fertiliser was affected due to the lockdown, imports have resumed gradually as the lockdown has been gradually eased in both Nepal and India. He added that who had returned to their villages have started cultivating their barren lands, which is another for the increase in fertiliser this year.

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“Moreover, farmers are purchasing more fertiliser than they require in of shortage due to which the company is struggling to manage the supply,” Bhandari said.

He further stated that the lockdown has also affected the production of fertiliser along with the supply. “As there a

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