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5G in Nepal – Are you ready? Nepal Telecom Starts 5G Trial Preparation

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According to Nepal Telecom’s Managing Director Dilli Ram Adhikari, the company has begun a 5G trial. The telco is finalizing plans to begin 5G testing and trials in a few select areas of Nepal, most likely Kathmandu and a few other cities.

The company has already formed a committee to review the specifics surrounding 5G testing and trials, according to Nepal Telecom’s MD. In a discussion program, he shared information about the 5G trial preparations. The government-owned telecom company has been adamant about achieving its 5G targets (by 2021) and is expected to obtain a 5G spectrum from the NTA for free, as the government has agreed.

According to him, Nepal Telecom has already received a letter from the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) requesting that the 5G spectrum and trial modality be chosen. Nepal Telecom will soon investigate and send a proposal to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the country’s telecom regulatory body, for a 5G trial plan, modality, use case scenario, commercial scope, and so on.

The MD went on to say that a comprehensive assessment of 5G operations in the country is needed. He claimed that Nepal Telecom is fully committed to its 5G ambitions and has allocated sufficient resources to make its vision for the fifth-generation cellular network a reality. He also mentioned

“Operating a 5G network necessitates both human and financial resources. We must determine whether or not we have sufficient human capital. Similarly, we must first ensure that we can integrate the concepts of augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud computing.”

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Since 5G is more than just an improved cellular network, the MD discussed a wider strategy for making the most of the technology rather than just launching it for the sake of launching it.

The NTC’s 5G Vision!

MD Adhikari also pondered the difficulty of 5G adoption. A typical internet user spends their time surfing, watching YouTube videos, or streaming content.

The majority of internet users will be served adequately by a 4G network. It raises the question of whether “highly advanced 5G technology is really required here in Nepal?” According to Adhikari, convincing consumers of the need for 5G could be difficult for NTC. However, he assumes that in the future, there will be no other choice but to implement 5G.

For an unprecedented leap from its predecessors, 5G incorporates multiple technologies to allow Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Types Communication (mMTC), and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (uRLLC). It will have IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City applications, as well as agriculture, health, governance, robotics, and industry applications.

The Commercial Aspects of 5G

While Ntc’s 5G investments might not yield immediate results, Adhikari believes they will help the country’s economy in the long run. He cited a report in which it was estimated that 5G could contribute 2.5 percent of GDP by 2025 AD.

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The 5G Frequency Spectrum

In order to use 700MHz spectrum for 5G, telecom operators choose 2600 MHz and 3500 MHz spectrum for the high band and 2600 MHz and 3500 MHz spectrum for the low band. According to NTC MD, the most common spectrum bands for 5G are currently 3500MHz and 2600MHz. He also claims that the NTA should be more tolerant of 5G operations and telecoms by lowering license fees. He proposes that the regulatory body and the government work together to reduce the financial burden on telecoms as a result of the 5G strategy.

“Before launching, NTC will choose a city and assess its economic feasibility for 5G technology. Following the experimental launch, the organization will provide the NTA with the requisite insights for a future approach.” Adhikari expressed his thoughts.

So, what exactly is 5G?

The fifth-generation broadband cellular network, as the name implies, is the successor to the current 4G cellular infrastructure. In the early 2000s, 4G technology was introduced, which was 50 times faster than the existing 3G technology. It made uploading massive video files, video calling, and streaming much easier. Since its inception, 4G has been extremely beneficial in facilitating the use of smartphones.

However, 5G will be a game-changing advancement in cellular technology. The 5G network will have a bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second, which is 100 times faster than 4G. It will allow you to download an HD movie from the internet in a fraction of the time.

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5G can be used in anything from households to manufacturing and utilities. Cars will be able to communicate over the phone, and surgeries will be possible without the use of a human hand. Similarly, the 5G network will have significant applications in the education, industry, and sectors.

5G can have lightning-fast internet with low latency. It will vastly expand the capabilities of AI, AR, and VR. Meanwhile, once 5G is launched, gaming, streaming, and cloud computing can significantly increase.

What are your thoughts on NTC’s 5G launch? Do you believe it is an unfair luxury, considering that 4G might handle all of your needs, or do you believe it is simply a required progression that we must accept? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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