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Amazon, Microsoft involved in killer robot development


According to a article, major tech are putting the planet at risk by encouraging the production of killer robots. Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel are among the three major technology firms involved in the creation of this lethal AI application. The study was by the Dutch NGO Pax after a survey of major tech players was conducted to assess their views on lethal autonomous weapons.

A total of 50 companies were ranked based on their deadly AI technology growth, in military ventures, and commitment to not contributing to them in the future. Following the study, several concerns emerged, like why are major tech firms getting involved in the production of controversial weapons that have the ability to kill people without direct human involvement.

Bringing AI and weapon systems together is a dangerous idea that could lead to mass destruction. It’s because they and attack goals on their own. This will also jeopardize international peace and security.

On the other hand, major corporations such as Google, Softbank, and others have avoided developing lethal AI.


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