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NTA To All Telcos: Arrange Digital Payments And Work From Home

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During the lockdown triggered by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority has released a notice to all licensed telecom operators and ISPs, requesting that they ensure work from home and digital payments as measures.

Despite the limitations, the telecom regulatory body has ordered that all telecom and ISP firms provide the best possible service. It has therefore recommended that telecom companies follow WHO’s health and safety guidelines and prevent infections at all costs.

Work From Home and Arrange Digital Payments

According to NTA, businesses can maintain social distance in their offices and limit customer visits for services. This can be accomplished by establishing digital payment methods. This would relieve people of the need to visit offices for payments or other facilities, reducing crowds. The digital top-up methods for Ntc numbers are listed below.

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During the lockdown, it is also recommended that scheduled meetings, lectures, and programs be postponed. If it’s critical, it implies using a virtual medium instead of those crowded gatherings. Employees can work from home by interacting through video conferencing platforms.

The NTA also demands that employers make provisions for masks and hand sanitizers when on the job. It also suggests that doors and windows be closed to prevent virus transmission.

In the Event of an Infection

In the event that an employee is suspected of wrongdoing, the company must arrange for isolation and contract tracing of any individuals the employee may have visited. They should also have a secure quarantine to ensure their and everyone’s safety.

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The NTA has asked telecom and ISP companies to put their employees’ wellbeing first. It suggests that each organization divide its employees into many groups and maintain social distance. They are often required to work in shifts in order to prevent physical interaction as much as possible.

Both telecom operators and ISPs have been asked by the NTA to develop plans on the worst-case scenario in order to provide their most relevant services to customers.

Nepal is dealing with the second outbreak of Coronavirus, and most districts are on lockdown for at least a week. Though schools and colleges have already closed, most government services have ground to a halt. As a result, the NTA, the regulator, has issued directives to all telecom operators and ISPs to reduce the risk of virus infection/transmission and to ensure the delivery of seamless telecom services.

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What are your thoughts on the NTA’s notification to all telecommunications and internet service providers? Do you believe telecom/ISPs will be able to completely implement digital payment and work from home? Or do you believe they should have predicted this after the first Coronavirus outbreak? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

This article has been sourced from NepaliTelecom.com.

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