Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessAs an anniversary gift, the couple gave each an insurance policy.

As an anniversary gift, the couple gave each other an insurance policy.

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On the occasion of their 27th wedding anniversary, a couple celebrated by giving each other an insurance policy.

Advocate Sagarmani Pokhrel of Butwal-3 and Kamala Gyawali sent a positive message to society by celebrating their anniversary in a unique way by giving each other insurance policies worth Rs 5 million in a .

Mr. Sagar Pokhrel, a -time social worker, is a lawyer, a successful cooperative worker, the founder of a bank, and has worked in various financial sectors. He has a long of working in the insurance industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Pokharel stated that he liked the policy because all of the insurance policies he had previously had been off, but the citizen driver’s current life will as long as he lives, and his security will remain even after withdrawing the insurance amount and bonus.

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