Battlegrounds Mobile India could be the new name of PUBG in India,

Battlegrounds Mobile India could be the new name of PUBG in India

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The mobile battle royale game fans have been in a frenzy after the news of PUBG mobile India’s relaunch emerged on the internet. In September, PUBG Mobile was banned in India, and PUBG Mobile India was revealed as a replacement for the global edition. While the exact time and date of the relaunch have yet to be announced, it appears that the game will be renamed. PUBG Mobile India will most likely be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India, according to .

GemWire recently discovered an innovative asset on the official PUBG Mobile India website. According to the creative properties, the game will most likely be called Battlegrounds Mobile India. An embedded connection to a video on Vimeo, which previously hosted the Diwali Coming Soon creative, led to the new poster creative. There appears to be another private video in their Vimeo asset with the above thumbnail.

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“India Recall Campaign Motion v02.mp4” was the name of the latest video . After a fast search, it was discovered that Krafton.Inc had also registered the domain “” on April 7th. This points to a new announcement about a transition that seems to be on the horizon.

In other news, Dynamo, a well-known player and content developer in the Pubg mobile community, spoke cryptically about the game’s relaunch. He mentioned that the relaunch trailer would be released on a double-digit date, while the game itself would be released on a single-digit date.

“Two major announcements are expected to happen in the coming of May,” said Ocean Sharma, a well-known member of the PUBG Mobile community. The first will most likely be about some Indian teams playing in the PMPL Arabia, while the second will most likely be about the game’s comeback. I still can’t give you a guarantee.”

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PUBG Mobile access was previously blocked in India on September 2, 2020, along with 118 other applications, due to increasing tensions between India and China. Since then, PUBG Mobile’s parent company, Krafton, has been exploring various options to carry the game back to India. It seems that things are about to get serious this time. The game’s return to India has piqued the interest of many fans. Are you looking forward to it as well?

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