Biplav meets Oli, who is dissatisfied with the delay in releasing cadres,

Biplav meets Oli, who is dissatisfied with the delay in releasing cadres

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On Sunday, Prime KP Sharma Oli met with Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav,R7; the leader of a radical communist group that signed a peace agreement with the government in March 2021.

According to sources familiar with the meeting, Biplav expressed his displeasure with the prime minister, claiming that the government has failed to release various cadres detained across the country.

Surya Thapa, Oli’s press advisor, also claims that the two leaders addressed the execution of the agreement as well as current political events.

According to reports, 123 party leaders and cadres are incarcerated across the country on different charges. Many who were not convicted, on the other hand, have also been released by the government.

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Prior to the March peace talks, the government had been arresting party cadres and prosecuting them on various criminal charges, but it had promised to release them. Experts believe it is an unimplementable pledge, however, since many of the charges are true.

Biplav had met with the Prime Minister and pressed for the cadres’ release on March 22 as well.

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