Broadband Internet Access in Nepal Reaches to 84% of the Population

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We can’t imagine our lives without the internet nowadays. For better or worse, the Internet has become an inextricable part of our lives. The internet’s use, like its uses, is skyrocketing as a result of technological advances. In , an increasing number of people are signing up for internet service on a daily basis. Regardless of age, we will find many people who use the internet on a regular basis. Broadband Internet Access in Nepal now has over 2 crores and 54 lakhs users, according to the recently released NTA MIS Report.

According to data from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) for the first seven months of this fiscal year, over 25,419,325 people have internet access. Among these users, 5,465,664 have signed up for various Internet Service Providers such as Vianet, Worldlink, and others. Similarly, Nepal Doorsanchar Limited has 12,913,928 users, while Ncell has 6,817,588 users. A total of 222,145 broadband service users are served by Smart Telecom Private Limited.

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Note: The Population Projection was used to compile the survey (2011-2020). Nepal’s total population is estimated to be 29,876,531.

According to NTA, the Mobile Broadband service had the highest number of internet users.

The contribution of mobile internet was 73 percent from mid-January to February. Aside from that, the overall amount includes Fixed Broadband service customers who use wired (26%) and wireless (1%) connections. The number of people using the is increasingly growing, according to the survey. 600,083 new internet users were added between mid-January and mid-February.

In addition, we can see that 11.3 million people have 3G access and 7.1 million people have 4G access. According to this data, the majority of Nepalese citizens have yet to adapt to 4G technology. However, in the provided details, the NTA has excluded Internet Service via GPRS as a Broadband Subscription.

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