CG Telecom launching Fiber Internet Service in Nepal

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Mr. Binod Chaudhary, Nepal’s wealthiest man, is preparing to launch the Chaudhary Group’s Fiber Internet Service in Nepal. The Chaudhary Group had already founded CG Telecom to provide the country with affordable mobile services. They are now venturing into this internet service because they were unable to secure a single to operate mobile networks and basic telephony services. The issue now is whether CG Telecom Fiber Internet Service would be able to compete with other ISPs such as Nepal Telecom, Worldink, Subisu, and Vianet for .

To address this problem, CG has already begun the construction of appropriate with the goal of asserting its presence in the market aggressively. They’ve also begun construction on a data center in Satungal, Kathmandu. As a result, they will be able to provide internet services. The data center’s construction is also said to be about 25% complete, according to the company.

CG will also have all of the required infrastructure in place in the next five months or so to carry fiber internet to some areas within Kathmandu Valley. It will, of course, start with Satungal because that is where its data center is located. Furthermore, the firm has moved forward with the acquisition of point-to-point fiber connections, OLTs (Optical Line Terminals), routers, and other required equipment and materials.

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Failure to obtain a single license

For a long time, CG Telecom made every attempt to obtain a single license to operate mobile and basic telephony services. They also announced that they had reached an agreement with Huawei to bring 4G services to the region. Since they were unable to obtain the license, CG Telecom shifted its attention to the CG Telecom Fiber Internet service. The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has already granted CG a license to import bandwidth and operate network services.

Furthermore, after securing a license to operate basic telecommunication services, the organization has already set its sights on actively providing 5G services. The new data center and optical fiber network building would also help it fulfill its 5G vision in the future. For the time being, they are primarily focused on providing Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services.

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CG Telecom has also been incorporated as a Public Limited Company. As a result, it will make its share available to the general public. Its stock can be purchased privately through an initial public offering (IPO) or on the .

The private operating company will now be known as CG Communications Limited, according to the company’s General Manager, Mr. Madhusudan Poudel. Despite this, the company recently finished all of the necessary work to change its name from the registrar’s office.

They also notified the regulatory body of the name change. CG, on the other hand, has been waiting a long time for the GSM mobile service to be approved. There seems to be no good outcome for the business at this time. If the company is granted a license, CG claims to be able to offer low-cost data and voice services. They may have formed a limited to meet their obligations due to the significant needed.

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If CG Telecom brings its Fiber Internet Service to Nepal at a low cost, it will undoubtedly give other ISPs a run for their . Other ISPs will be forced to lower their prices as a result of this. The situation would be similar to the one produced by Jio in . However, it will directly benefit all by providing low-cost internet access and expanding job opportunities.

This article is referenced from Nepali Telecom

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