Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessCitizens Bank's profit increased by 28% in the second quarter.

Citizens Bank’s profit increased by 28% in the second quarter.

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Citizens Bank International (CZBIL) posted a nearly 28 percent increase in net profit for the second quarter of fiscal year 2077/78. According to the unaudited report, the bank made a net profit of Rs 87.52 crores, up Rs 68.77 crores in the previous fiscal year’s corresponding period.

The annualized Earnings per Share (EPS) rose to Rs 17.83 as a result of the increase in profit. Similarly, the bank’s net worth per share is Rs 143.95.

Citizens Bank International released a quarterly report, which is outlined in the below (CZBIL).

Citizens Bank International Second Quarter Report Summary, FY 2077/78

Financial Q2, F.Y. 2077/78 Q4, F.Y. 2076/77 Percent Change
Paid up (Rs.’Arba’) 9.82 9.09 8.03
Reserve and Surplus(Rs.’Arba’) 4.31 4.32 -0.23
Deposits From Customers (Rs.’Arba’) 105.18 88.5 18.85
Loans & Advances To Customers (Rs.’Arba’) 87.87 78.97 11.27
Financial Indicators Q2, F.Y. 2077/78 Q2, F.Y. 2076/77 Percent Change
Net Interest Income(Rs.’Arba’) 1.44 1.61 -10.56
Operating Profit (Rs.’Arba’) 1.16 0.95 22.11
Net Profit (Rs.’Arba’) 0.87 0.68 27.94
Distributable Profit (Rs.’Arba’) 0.84
Non Performing Loans, NPL(%) 2.42 0.99 144.44
Base rate(%) 8.25 10.35 -20.29
Earnings Per Share, EPS(Rs.) 17.83
Networth Per Share ( Rs.) 143.95
Market Price Per Share (Rs.) [Poush end, 2077] 295
P/E Ratio 16.55


The above figures are based on the -audited quarterly report published by the respective company. Investors are advised to take other things into consideration along this report while making investment decisions. The may vary after the final audit. 

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