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Customers who apply via smartphone will be eligible for a loan of up to Rs 2 lakh from Mega Bank.

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Mega Bank provided its customers with the ability to an instant loan via their smartphone. The bank has partnered with F1 Soft International to offer the loan facility, with the goal of providing the funds to customers as soon as possible.

Various organizations and with a monthly salary account in the bank can use a maximum of Rs 200,000 for 30 days through this facility, according to the bank.

Mega Bank’s head of and e-banking, Bishwa Singh, said that this facility be very convenient because it would allow people to get loans collateral, without having to go to the bank, and without having to fill out any paperwork.

The loan amount will be credited to the customer’s account through a “Virtual Credit Card” within a few minutes of applying online through the Mega Smart Banking app, according to the bank.

The bank has stated that if all of the necessary loan procedures are completed online, the loan will be disbursed immediately.

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