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DalayDai: List Your Property for Free

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DalayDai is an online marketplace that connects people who want to sell, rent, or lease their homes with people who want to buy them. The website is not personally involved in any of the parties’ transactions.


DalayDai is a free online platform for buying and selling houses, land, and other real estate-related products. The platform aims to make finding the right home or of land for Nepali people as simple as it has never been before. Customers would have a seamless and pleasant experience buying or selling Real Estate through the company’s website, according to the company.

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Provided Services

Purchase Real Estate

The platform allows users to search for properties on their platform based on their budget range and property type preferences. On this website, you can also rent office space or rooms.

Property Sales

Users may also use this site to sell their land. As of now, there are no fees associated with listing the property on the website.

Property for Rent

On this website, users can also look for rental properties. Flats, commercial buildings, and office space are among the properties available. You can narrow down the results of your property search by location and price.

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Connecting with suppliers of building materials

DalayDai can also link you with stores that sell building materials for your home. You will interact with sellers of paints, marble and tiles, aluminum windows and doors, and a variety of other items.

Calculating a Home Loan

The platform has a feature that calculates EMI for a home loan based on various banks’ interest rates. The EMI of a loan sum can be calculated using interest rates from various banks listed on the website.

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