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Native data collection work | Now available in Nepal

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Newest and the hottest online in in 2021 is a global movement of professionals collecting data for global brands all over the .

How do I start?

  1. Please click here to signup
    Sign up for an account by completing the form
  2. the
    From your Android phone or tablet, download the Native App
  3. Complete Tasks and get paid
    Accept a task in your area and complete it to earn the offer value

Earn By Completing Tasks

Earn money on your own time, in your own city. Snap photos, conduct interviews or confirm product prices in local stores.

How To Get Started

To start earning, find local tasks by location on the map. Begin capturing data. Move fast, or others may complete the task before you.

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Each Entry is verified

After your data is submitted, it is verified to ensure that only the highest-quality results are delivered to the customers requesting it.

How Do You Get Paid

Earnings from all verified entries will go directly into your . You can then request through pickups, deposits, PayPal, or other available options in your market.

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