Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessDishHome and Prabhu TV are combining to form a single brand.

DishHome and Prabhu TV are combining to form a single brand.

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DishHome and Prabhu TV, Nepal’s two DTH providers, merging to form a single brand. According to sources, merger is on the verge of happening because negotiations have progressed to this stage.

Sudeep Acharya, the CEO of Dishhome, spoke about the company’s future plans following the merger. He mentioned that after the merger is completed, the intention is to continue offering TV and Internet under a single brand.

“Both DTH companies share some of the same investors,” DishHome CEO said, “and the merger aims to provide better quality service in the sector.”

He also said that the merger talks had been going on for a long time and that they had finally agreed to merge the two and from the same place under a new name.

DishHome and Prabhu TV

Dish Media Network Ltd manages DishHome. After a merger between two DTH providers, Home TV and Dish Nepal, it began offering DTH in 2010. It started offering last and is now in the trial stage.

Meanwhile, Prabhu TV is of the Prabhu Group’s businesses. It is Nepal’s first wireless digital terrestrial television service, using DVB-T2 broadcasting technology. On Sunday, June 17, 2018, they debuted the TV in a program in the capital.

Dish Home currently has over 2 million subscribers, while Prabhu TV is also climbing the ranks. A merger will simply increase their potential and accelerate their growth.

The Possibilities of a Merger

It was once the case that a DTH organization competed with a solely digital TV provider. DTH service providers, especially Dish Home, were under pressure as a result of ISPs bundling their internet service with digital TV solutions. This is , like Prabhu TV, they launched an internet service last year. Their customer base will be strengthened as a result of the merger, and they will be able to reach out even more in the coming years.

Both DTH providers recognize that providing both TV and -speed internet service is more essential than only providing digital TV service. They are, however, up against telecommunications behemoths WorldLink and Vianet. Both offer excellent internet and digital TV channels, and are likely to become viable for internet and TV service in Nepal.

Similarly, Nepal Telecom has launched a Triple Play service that combines voice, data, and digital television over a single fiber cable.

All of this puts increased pressure on DTH providers to improve their strategies in order to survive.

However, the merger would be beneficial to all of them. Not only would they have a wider client base, but it will also aid in the development of new customer acquisition strategies. The new brand will be able to put all of its money and means to use in order to offer a wider range of services and fend off competition from other telecoms and ISPs.

Dish Home CEO Sudeep Acharya also commented on the need for the merger, saying that the “television market in the country has been dwindling, and only a merger will help them sustain and retain their quality service.”

Both companies are currently negotiating different merger possibilities and will complete the process soon.

What are your thoughts on this rumored merger? Do you have a Dish Home or Prabhu TV subscription? How excited are you to hear that these two are merging? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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