New drivers will be forced to complete a one-year probationary term

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The is revising its driving laws, requiring new license holders to complete a one-year probationary term.

The new provision, according to Director-General Namaraj Ghimire of the Department of Transport , will take effect in June.

Drivers and riders will be issued a card with a QR code for the duration of their probation. The QR code will be checked by traffic cops to see if it is authentic.

The police, on the other hand, would punch a hole in the card if a traffic law is violated. If the cardholder has five or more holes in a year, he or she will have to retake the driver’s license test.

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However, whether there are no or just four gaps, the cardholder will be issued a driver’s license after one year.

Currently, many who have passed the license exams have not obtained their licenses due to the limited ability of the smart card printers, and are required to bear the receipt of them paying a after the exams. Ghimire is optimistic that the new provision will also solve this problem.

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