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eSewa allows you to pay your bank payments for free

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eSewa allows members to pay their bank installments for free. According to eSewa, this facility be available Tuesday, Ashad 22 through mid-Ashad.

During this time, according to Subhash Sapkota, Chief Executive Officer of eSewa, the facility has been provided with the goal of charging no fee for any installment payment or remittance made by any eSewa member bank or financial institution, and to encourage digital transactions and make it easier to repay the loan installment during the -19 epidemic.

‘eSewa has always worked in the benefit of the users, but now there is a COVID-19 outbreak,’ he stated. The bank may have to pay the installment now it is mid-Ashad. Digital commerce, on the hand, should be encouraged. In this case, we’ve made it possible to pay in free installments in order to make a tiny profit.

eSewa allows you to pay your bank payments for free

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