eSewa Offers a 100% Scholarship: A Fantastic Initiative To Make Education More Affordable

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Esewa is Nepal’s leading platform, with the aim of making the country completely digital. Despite being in for the first time in Nepal, the company continues to add features that make our lives better and easier. We can see Esewa’s ambition with offers including a 100% scholarship scheme. You can use eSewa to pay for training, college, or semester fees and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

e-sewa currently connects over 2000 schools and educational institutions. According to the company, 100 customers will receive a scholarship worth up to Rs. 5000. To take advantage of this deal, simply pay your /college/semester fees via e-sewa. Only daily fee payments (monthly, instalment, semester fee) are eligible for the scholarship. If you pay a monthly fee of Rs. 5000, you will be eligible for a full scholarship through the program.

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You do not have to pay anything to e-sewa to make this simple payment, as it is absolutely free. Since you don’t have to physically travel to the school or college to pay the fees, this significantly decreases the chances of continuing pandemic situations. If you pay for the scholarship through a third party, such as a computer store or a stationery store, the scholarship will be sent to your guardian’s account. If you are the lucky winner, e-sewa will provide a scholarship to your beneficiary ID.

The findings will be shared on the company’s official social media pages. As a result, make sure to track them on various social media pages to receive updates and other deals similar to this.

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The good thing…

  • In over 2000 schools/colleges, you will get a scholarship worth up to Rs. 5000
  • The profit will be distributed to 100 .
  • There is no need to show up in person to make a payment.
  • It significantly decreases the chance of the virus spreading.
  • A move in the right direction toward a completely digital Nepal.


Do you believe it is the right move in terms of digitization and technical development for greater Nepal? What other educational or non-educational offers would you like to see from the business in the coming days? Please let know in the comments section, and we’ll do our best to get them to e-sewa for execution.

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This article has been referenced from Nepali Telecom

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