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Five hydropower projects with a combined capacity of more than 3000 MW are planned for the Arun River.

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The Arun River will be used to five large power projects. They will generate a of 3,253 MW of power. The actual building of the 900 MW Arun III Hydropower Project is the most advanced of the five major projects. The project was handed over to Satluj Hydropower Corporation of India via the Investment Board, which was constituted under the Minister’s supervision.

The Arun Power Project (470 MW), which will be built in the Khandbari Municipality’s Heluwabensi, Chewabensi, and Chandanpur sectors, has also been given over to the same Satlujj Hydropower Corporation by the Government of Nepal.

The survey licenses for Upper Arun (1,061 MW) and Kimathanka Arun (450 MW), two projects already identified and surveyed by the Department of Electricity Development, have been to two businesses within the Nepal Electricity Authority.

Upper Arun Hydro Electric Company, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority, will build the 1,061-megawatt semi-reservoir project in the villages of Chepuwa, Rukma, and Namuchi in the municipality of Bhotkhola.

Similarly, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has established Vidyut Utpadan Company Limited to develop the 450 MW Kimathangka Arun Power Project, which has been identified in Chhumsur, Ridak area of Bhotkhola village near the Nepal-China border.

Similarly, the 372 MW Arun 4 will be built in the Bhotkhola Municipality’s Saksila, Tungkhaling, Pavakhola, and Simma regions. On the Arun River alone, five power projects are planned to generate more over 3,000 MW.

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