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Floods have halted the operation of the 10 MW Lower Modi ‘1′ power plant.

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JULY 12 – PARBAT Lower Modi ‘1′ Hydropower production resumed after being halted to flood damage. The project’s production, which had been halted due to floods on the evening of July 7, resumed on Sunday evening after a week.

The flood in Sundarekhola, Dobilla, Kushma Municipality-8, had damaged the source and approximately 300 meters of the canal. On the same day, floods in Modikhola harmed the source. Upendra Gautam, Managing Director of United Modi Hydropower Limited, announced that production has resumed as of Sunday evening following a period of continuous .

According to him, the floods in Sundarekhola completely buried the 300-meter-wide canal, which is meters wide and four meters high. 50 people were mobilized and repaired the project staff and on a daily basis. Since Sunday evening, nine and five megawatts of electricity have been generated, according to Gautam. The floods are estimated to have cost the project between Rs 4.5 and 50 million. He stated that the details of the damage to the source could not be determined due to the high flow of Modikhola. There was no damage to the project’s production house.

On the same day, Rajaram Acharya, a site engineer for Lama , a Mid-Hills Highway Project construction company, and driver Indra Tharu were swept away by the flood in Sundarekhola. The condition of Acharya and Tharu has not yet been determined. The Mid-Hill Highway, which was damaged by flooding, has been operating on its own.

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