Green Park, a Ncell building in Lainchaur, is located in the heart of the area,

Green Park, a Ncell building in Lainchaur, is located in the heart of the area

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As part of its Corporate (CSR) initiative, Ncell Axiata Limited has assumed responsibility for the construction and maintenance of the city’s iconic Lainchaur field. The iconic Lainchaur Green Park will contribute to the development of a clean, green, and city, with the goal of greatly benefiting the of Kathmandu.

The park will be developed at Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s Lainchaur ground, Ward 26, and will include amenities such as a mini football field, basketball court, open gym, children’s play areas, and a green garden, among others. The green park is being built on a 54,921 square foot plot of .

Under the company’s CSR initiative, Ncell and Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward 26 have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the construction and maintenance of a green park. According to the MoU, Kathmandu Metropolitan City planned the park’s master plan, which is being developed by Ncell.

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Land excavation work is currently underway, following the completion of the ground clearance. Traditional stone spouts, visitor parking, bathrooms, and solar lighting for the park even at night are some of the park’s additional features.

“Ncell has been implementing various initiatives under our CSR, contributing in socio-economic growth, prioritizing environment/climate action under our sustainability and CSR,” said Andy Chong, CEO of Ncell. This greening program would help Ncell achieve its climate change goals by contributing to a sustainable atmosphere for the whole world. We are delighted to work with the government and contribute to the development of a green park that will serve as a model park in the heart of our city.

“We are very grateful to Ncell for this association,” said Khyam Tiwari, Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward 26. We will provide all required assistance to ensure the effective completion of this initiative, which will be a valuable benefit to our community and ward in the development of a green and sustainable city.”

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Ncell, as a responsible business citizen, has prioritized climate change and the environment, in addition to education and health, in order to assist the government in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ environmental goals (SDGs). The government has described the environment as one of the CSR areas for taking on social projects in the Industrial Enterprise Rules 2019.

Since its inception, Ncell has invested over NPR 1.27 billion in various social initiatives, contributing to socio-economic development in areas such as health, education, and the environment, disaster preparedness and , and livelihood , among others, with a primary emphasis on three key areas—health, education, and the environment as core areas.

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In collaboration with the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation, Ncell is also developing and preserving greenery alongside the green belt area of the Koteshwor-Kalanki Ring stretch (DoFSC). The project is spread out over a total of 10.2 kilometers.

Previously, the company contributed to environmental awareness and conservation by planting 50,000 trees in 33 hectares of barren areas of Dhanushadham Protected Forest (DPF) and implementing an environmental awareness program in Dhanusha. For the protection and growth of the forest, the government declared DPF a “Illicit Felling and Open Grazing Free Zone” after the implementation of this project.

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