Gyapu Marketplace is now the No. 1 shopping app on Google Playstore

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, ’s own online shopping website, is now the one app in the Google Play Store’s Shopping category. Given the market capitalization of other giant companies with foreign funding, this is a huge achievement for a Nepali business. Gyapu, which was founded by Nepali entrepreneurs, has been uplifting the ambitions of local business owners by providing a forum for them to sell their wares.

Gyapu’s History

Gyapu is a Nepalese e-commerce site that is revolutionizing the way buy and sell items in Nepal. Gyapu consistently comes up with a variety of different offers, promotions, and opportunities. It is one of Nepal’s fastest-growing online shopping portals. Gyapu’s main goal is to strengthen the Nepali global brand and promote domestic Nepali products around the world. Aside from that, the e-commerce industries in Nepal and Southeast are expanding and flourishing. Gyapu recently launched a “refer and win” promotion in which users can win vouchers by referring others to the app. This website stands out because it includes a feature called “Gyapu wallet.” You will receive Rs.100 in your Gyapu Wallet once you register on their website, These Gyapu incentives can then be used to buy a variety of items on their website. Additionally, if you are a vendor and want to sell your products on their website, you must first register. Gyapu does not charge a commission fee to its sellers at this .

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The Mega Online Mela – Gyapuversary

Gyapuversary is being held on the auspicious occasion of its anniversary by Gyapu Marketplace, the number one online shopping destination. The year’s largest shopping festival is just 5 days away. Thanks to strong discounts of up to 80%, customers can enjoy a variety of product categories at a low and inexpensive price. During the Mela, you can get cashback and coupons in addition to discounts. The business is preparing to host the Gyapuversary Mela, which will take place from the 1st Baisakh 2078 to the 3rd Baisakh 2078. Make sure you get the most out of your big savings and reduced spending. Gyapuversary, Gyapuversary, Gyapuversary, Gyapu

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