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IME General Insurance Reports 75 Percent Rise In Profit (Q3 Report)

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IME General Insurance Limited (IGI) has made a net of Rs 18.85 crores so far in fiscal year 2077/78. In comparison to the same timeframe the previous fiscal year, profit has increased by more than 75%. The profit was Rs 10.73 crores last year.

The following summarizes the unaudited report:

Third Quarterly Report Summary, FY 2077/78, IME General Insurance (IGI)

Financial Indicators Q3, F.Y. 2077/78 Q3, F.Y. 2076/77 Percent Change
Paid-up (Rs. ‘crores’) 108.18 102.06 6.00
Reserve & Surplus (Rs. ‘crores’) 30.26 21.94 37.92
Insurance Fund  (Rs. ‘crores’) 45.32 30.47 48.74
Total Investments  (Rs. ‘crores’) 148.33 165.99 -10.64
Total Premium (Rs. ‘crores’) 114.18 99.09 15.23
Net Premium  (Rs. ‘crores’) 51.82 36.27 42.87
Net Claim (Rs. ‘crores’) 19.83 15.4 28.77
Total Outstanding Claim (Rs. ‘crores’) 63.11 64.87 -2.71
Net Profit  (Rs. ‘crores’) 18.85 10.73 75.68
Management Expenses (Rs. ‘crores’) 13.82 14.97 -7.68
Number Of Policies          106,271 73,330 44.92
Earnings Per Share (Rs.) 23.24
Networth Per Share (Rs.) 169.87
Market Price Per Share (Rs.) [Chaitra , 2077 BS] 1257
P/E Ratio 54.09

Please keep in mind that

The above figures are taken from the respective company’s unaudited quarterly report. When making investment , investors should consider a variety of factors in addition to this article. After the final , the figures can change.

The share price P/E ratio are calculated using data from the end of Chaitra in 2077. The figures can change at any time.

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