Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessIn four Asian markets, Samsung has lost its lead.

In four Asian markets, Samsung has lost its lead.

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In four Asian markets, Samsung has lost its lead.

Samsung, the world’s most popular smartphone brand, has lost its lead in India and other main markets. The reports come as a result of fierce competition from many Chinese brands with high mid-range sales.

In comparison to the heavy shipments of Chinese brands in Africa, Asia, and Europe, Samsung’s appeal has been eroding. The South Korean conglomerate lost the top smartphone brand in India to Chinese company in Q4 2020. However, rumors have surfaced that the company has lost its top spot in other Asian countries as well, owing to Chinese labels.

Samsung has lost its top spot in four major Asian markets, according to Counterpoint Research: , Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Samsung’s market share fell from 22 percent in Q1 2020 to 19 percent in Q1 2021, according to the data. Meanwhile, OPPO has risen to the top of the region’s smartphone market, commanding a respectable 22 percent share. Between the two periods, 27 million smartphones were shipped to these four countries.

The Rise of Chinese Brands in Asia

Although Samsung and continue to compete in the top-end smartphone industry, Samsung has struggled to maintain its place in the mid-range segment.

Chinese brands and their sub-brands launch budget-friendly feature-packed phones at affordable prices, making it difficult Samsung to maintain its place as the leading smartphone brand.

Chinese brands have swept the leaderboards in those four Asian nations, according to recent graphs. Vivo had a 16 percent market share, while Xiaomi and Realme each had a 13 percent and 11 percent market share. These brands came in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively, in the ranking. Apple, on the other hand, is forced to the brink of bankruptcy, with just 6% of the market.

Samsung has been releasing a number of mid-range brands, such as the M and A series, that offer a compelling set of features as well as a large battery. They haven’t been able to entice enough consumers away from Chinese brands that have established themselves as the go-to brands for low- to mid-range phones. As a result, they remain the go-to brand for those looking for a low-cost smartphone.

are your thoughts on Samsung’s declining popularity in Asian countries? Is it even possible for the South Korean brand to reverse its declining fortunes with big specs leaps such as 5G in the mid-range?

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