In Nepal, the e-learning software “My Second Teacher” has begun.,

In Nepal, the e-learning software “My Second Teacher” has begun.

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Innovative Nepal Group (ING), an investment holding company committed to revolutionizing higher education in Nepal by integrating international qualifications with local environments, has released the “My Second Teacher” learning and teaching application.

This platform application has been launched as a result of Innovative Nepal Group to revolutionize NepalR7;s education system and facilitate education in areas where it has previously been unavailable. This learning platform offers genuine tutoring assistance to Nepali students studying the Nepali curriculum (SEE, NEB, and more). Learning materials for Grade 10 (SEE) students are organized in this forum in the preliminary process, and learning content is said to be applied to other levels over the course of a year.

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The ‘My Second Instructor’ app was first released internationally in 2019 in an effort to enhance education delivery around the world. It has been able to win numerous awards, including the Asia Pacific Region (APAC) 2020, by establishing itself as a world-class academic delivery . Despite the fact that it was only recently launched in Nepal, this learning platform will provide many new opportunities for students across the world.

How does ‘My Second Teacher’ benefit students, teachers, and parents?

‘My Second Teacher’ assists the students in learning through the use of tools such as eBooks and immersive learning videos, as well as getting answers from live tutors online, taking mastery or mock exams, and receiving diagnostic reports to learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

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It also aids teachers in scheduling and conducting live video-based classes, distributing assignments, and publishing results, as well as assisting students in gaining access to learning opportunities. This app is also beneficial to school leaders because it helps principals to gain insight into their school’s success. Parents and guardians of students should keep of their children’s academic success and participate in their education.

Interactive videos, eBooks, Test papers, Tutor Support, Group talk, Reports and Statistics, Classroom, Quizzes, and Simulation are all used to make learning more reciprocal. Users should log in to or download the software “My Second Teacher” from the PlayStore to use this learning tool.

This educational platform has already made an impact in 16 countries around the world. The Creative Nepal Group’s ‘My Second Teacher’ is a significant step forward in the prospect of digitizing education while making it an innovative substitute for traditional learning methods. This app is not only entertaining, but it also provides a pleasurable learning experience by serving as a learning companion that can be accessed at any time and from any place. If the ‘My Second Teacher’ app is widely used and adopted, it will undoubtedly the way in the future of learning in Nepal, while also making the learning process more sophisticated.

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