Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessIn the last 11 months, Nepal's export earnings have increased by 38%.

In the last 11 months, Nepal’s export earnings have increased by 38%.

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According to the Department of Customs, exported goods worth Rs 21.25 in the first 11 of the current fiscal year (mid-July 2020 to mid-June 2021), up 37.78 percent from the same period the previous fiscal year.

During the same period last fiscal year, Nepal exported goods worth Rs 88 billion.

Similarly, during the review period, Nepal imported goods worth Rs 1 trillion and 383.36 billion. According to the department, goods imports increased by 25.67 percent over the previous fiscal year’s total. In the same period last year, Nepal imported goods and services worth Rs 1 trillion and Rs 100.81 billion.

Nepal imported Rs 129.25 billion in goods and services from mid-May to mid-June, while exports were only Rs 12.77 billion.

According to statistics, the country’s trade deficit increased by 24.61 percent in the current fiscal year. Imports account for 91.94 percent of the country’s foreign trade, while exports account for only 8.06 percent.

Diesel, iron products (steel), legume oil, phones, cooking gas, and petrol are Nepal’s top imports. Similarly, Nepal’s top export goods remained legume oil, cardamom, carpet, tea, and jute carpet.

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