Nepal Breaking NewsMarket's “Local Wala New Year 2078” Offer and Website Launch

Jeevee’s “Local Wala New Year 2078” Offer and Website Launch


Jeevee Health Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of their New Year campaign, “ Wala New Year 2078,” on the auspicious occasion of Nepali New Year. This will be a month-long campaign that will run from Baisakh 01 to 31 in 2078 (April 14 to May 14 in 2021). aim is to promote Jeevee as a locally built online healthcare essentials platform that helps Nepal’s future.


Jeevee Health is a Nepalese e-commerce/pharmaceutical startup that was established in 2019. This company’s main goal is to incorporate technology into the health sector, thus optimizing the sector as a whole and bringing sustainable, high-quality healthcare to the general public. By putting patients and medical practitioners together, their program is currently helping both. Not only does Jeevee enable users to securely store all of their health information in the cloud, but it also makes physicians, hospitals, and health services more available. All of these are now possible with Jeevee’s app, which can be accessed with just one tap.

New Year’s from Jeevee

This year, Jeevee has made a special offer called Local Wala New Year 2078. This promotion includes up to 80% off famous items ranging from skin and hair care to baby care and fitness. Taking a different approach, the campaign features weekly theme-based exclusive offers, challenges, and giveaways. Local brands, skin and hair, babies, and fitness are among the topics covered. Coupon codes worth up to Rs 300 are also included in the itinerary. Users can also join a celebrity meet-and-greet in which they can meet their favorite over tea. Sandhya KC, Dr. Santosh Upadhyaya, and Paramita RL Rana are a few of them.

The Lucky Draw ‘EV Wala Giveaway’ in the shape of an electric Super Soco CUx awaits shoppers. It’s part of VMoto Soco’s latest electric two-wheeler line, and it’s built for city commuting. It has a peak speed of 75km/hr and a maximum range of 85km, thanks to a 2788W battery. In the industry, it costs about 2,49,900. Users must purchase health essentials worth Rs. 3000 to be eligible to win, similar to Jeevee’s previous “Swasthya ko Sawari” .

Launch of the Website

In addition, Jeevee has launched its own website, which provides the same services as the app. These services include an online pharmacy with over 30,000 items, Namaste Doctor, an online consultation , blood donation, digital prescriptions, blood glucose monitoring, and appointment scheduling. Jeeve, which has a base of 3 lakh, is always looking for new ways to improve healthcare technology.

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