Jyoti Life Insurance IPO Results | When will it come out?

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company Jyoti Life Limited (JLIC) is offering 6.6 shares as an initial public offering (IPO) today.

The IPO will remain open until March 10th. Of the total 6.6 billion shares of the group, 5% make up a total of 330,000 shares of the company’s employees, a certain percentage is secured and 5% is allocated to each other’s money. The remaining 5.94 million shares were open to the public.

Jyoti Life Insurance has appointed NMB Limited as Managing Director of OPI.CARE Ratings Limited (CRNL) and gave JLIC a “CARE-NPBBB (Is)” rating. This value provider is believed to provide maximum security by complying with its obligations on in Nepal.

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Lenders have moderate credit . After the IPO, the company’s share distribution will change by 70% of the shares and 30% of the total shares. Jyoti Life Insurance’s IPO has the same potential as other recent IPO registrations, as are excited to roll out the largest IPO in the country.

We will update our visitors when Jyoti Life Insurance’s IPO Results will come out. IPO Results be seen by logging into mero share dahboard.

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