Nepal Breaking NewsFintechKhalti announces ‘Mega Remit’ service

Khalti announces ‘Mega Remit’ service

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Mega remittances will now be available the Khalti wallet as well.

Mega Bank and Khalti Digital Wallet’s Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. have formed a collaboration to provide remittance payment services, to Mega.

According to the agreement, the general public can now receive remittances and abroad via Mega Remit from their Khalti Digital , according to the firm.

Khalti accepts remittances from the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Mega Bank stated that this collaboration will broaden the reach of the bank’s and provide greater convenience to customers, as preparations have been made to send and receive through Khalti even within Nepal.

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