Lost your TU Registration Card?

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Almost everyone who graduates from Tribhuvan University faces a common issue. Lost .

You do not need to panic! As we mentioned earlier, it is a common issue! You will find that out once you go to to get your copy of the registration card. And, it just costs Rs. 200! You get a copy in an hour or so.

You need to go to Tribhuvan University “Parikshya Niyantran Karyalaya” | , Balkhu to get a copy of your lost TU registration card. You need the following:

  1. Name (it’s better to carry your photo ID)
  2. Address
  3. College Name and Address
  4. Registration number from your mark sheet.

You need to pay 200 to get a replacement of your registration card.

They will issue your card immediately (on the same day).

Good luck!

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