Ludo by Yarsa Games has surpassed 50 million downloads on Google Play

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Ludo, Nepalese’s all- favorite game, recently passed the 50 million download mark. Yarsa Games, a studio founded by Nepali youths, developed the game. It is now one of the few Nepali-made apps with more than 50 million downloads. Given that the game was only published two years ago, this accomplishment is truly exceptional.

Yarsa Games Details

Yarsa Games is a game development studio founded by Yarsa Labs. Yarsa Labs is a located in that specializes in developing and distributing high-quality software applications. They began making games with the aim of teaching their followers how to make mobile games. Yarsa Games is now one of the world’s leading mobile game publishers. They were among the top 1% of Google Play Store publishers earlier this month.

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Ludo is a popular board game that has been adapted into a mobile app. Ludo is a two- to four-player board game that is popular, exciting, and family-friendly. It is considered by many to be the best of all board games because it helps you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Ludo is a Latin word that means “I am playing.” This game is also known as the Pachisi because it is based on the Indian board game Pachis. The game of Ludo and its various rules are common in many countries under various names.

Playing Instructions

Ludo is a game that everyone play since the rules are plain and straightforward. Every player has four tokens/pawns in their yard at the start of the game. Ludo’s main objective is to move all four pawns from the yard to the middle of the board. The pawns’ movement is determined by the number obtained when rolling the dice. The pawns move in a clockwise direction around the game tracks. If a player rolls a six on the dice, he or she is given an additional opportunity to roll the dice. Ludo by Yarsa Games is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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The Game-Changing Loackdown

The -induced lockout, in my view, was a game-changer for this Nepali Ludo app. During Lockdown, Ludo became the most famous game. There was a trend during the lockdown to play this multiplayer game with friends and family. As a result, Ludo by Yarsa Games has received a significant number of downloads from fans.

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