Apply IPO, FPO, Right Share through Meroshare dashboard

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‘Mero share’ is a product created by CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC). Meroshare gives the office to the recipient to see the offer exchange in your record on the web. You likewise apply for the , , or right issue through the Mero Share.

Financial backers can apply online for offers through Mero share. One can apply through the Mero share site for the essential offers, rights, securities, and different offers gave on the lookout. Financial backers can benefit the office of Mero Share through the storehouse members (DP) by paying the structure and charge recommended by CDSC.

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My ASBA entrance has been set up in Mero Share to permit the client to buy shares during the public issue of the protections by hindering the store sum in their financial balance application. To apply for the IPO/FPO or right issue through My ASBA in Mero Share, the client needs to follow the accompanying :

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Procuring CRN Number

  1. The client should initially show up face to face at the bank where he has his ledger and get the C-ASBA Registration Number (CRN).
  2. In the wake of accepting the CRN number from the bank, the client can utilize the MY ASBA gateway in the Mero Share programming.

Applying Through My ASBA In Mero Share

  1. ¬†Data about the issuance of an ’s protections (IPO/FPO/Right) is found in the Current Issue menu inside the My ASBA entry.
  2. Select the Current Issue menu and press the APPLY button close to the organization name to buy the offers open available to be purchased.
  3. Prior to presenting the buy application, read the subtleties identified with the issue accessible on the page: the quantity of offers gave, the base and greatest sum that can be applied for, the opening and shutting date of the issue.
  4. While presenting a buy application, enter the number of offers you need to buy in the Applied Kitta. Select the bank through which you will apply through the CRN. Enter the bank Enter the CRN number given by that bank.
  5. After you click Proceed, the mero share programming will send the OTP code to your PC screen. This is appeared by the green box in the picture underneath. This is to affirm the genuineness of the application while presenting the application.
  6. Enter the OTP code and snap on the ‘Apply’ button.
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Checking Confirmation of Application

  1. When you enter the OTP code, the product will inform you that your application has been entered. Mero offer will likewise give the data of the got application demand through email.
  2. Snap-on Application Report in My ASBA to know the situation with your buy application.
  3. A rundown of the relative multitude of organizations that the client has applied for is accessible on the Application Report page. Check the situation with your application by tapping the Report button close to the organization you need to see.

In the event that the situation with the application is Unverified or Rejected, the sum you have entered for buy can be changed.

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