National ICT Day 2021 Held in Nepal. Here are some announcements,

National ICT Day 2021 Held in Nepal. Here are some announcements

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Learn about the National ICT Day 2021 announcements, which included everything from free SIM distribution to 5G initiation to the introduction of the app and Namaste pay (Baishak 19, 2078).

On May 2, 2021, Nepal celebrated its fourth National ICT Day. The event provided the government with an opportunity to outline their plans for developing The infrastructures, and they did not disappoint. Hon. Prime KP Oli presided over the event digitally and made a number of announcements aimed at bolstering the Digital Nepal System.

At the case, KP Oli unveiled the fully updated complete version of the iconic Nagarik app, which now includes a number of significant improvements. The software combines a large range of government programs into a single application. The government hopes that by launching this program, it will be able to open, corruption-free public services and gain the public’s confidence.

On the same day, Namaste Pay, NTC’s digital wallet/mobile money service, made its tentative debut. The e-wallet is the product of a partnership between and Rashtriya Banjiya Bank. It is on track to become the largest digital wallet network in the near future, with a paid-up of Rs. 500 million.

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The government has also stated that it would promote digital payments and workflow for a variety of services.

Increasing the country’s connectivity

The Prime Minister announced the government’s proposal to boost telecom and internet connectivity. Except in the valley, the government will soon carry internet connectivity to every local ward, health center, and community school.

SIM card for free

He also mentioned that the government would distribute free SIM cards in Provinces 1 and 2 in order to expand connectivity. People in all districts of Karnali and Far Western Provinces will be eligible for free SIM cards, it was also announced. In a similar vein, the government intends to introduce an online system (most likely the Nagarik app) that will enable citizens to pay their taxes digitally while on the go.

The government will soon create software to monitor, distribute, and collect data on public-interest advertisements, government advertisements, and payments.

Frequency Policy at the National Level

PM Oli also stated that the government would develop a policy on the frequency bands that will be used for telecom services. As technology advances and service providers demand more bandwidth in various bands, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) had already conceived of the concept of developing a national strategy/plan for managing and allocating frequency spectrum. Check out all of the cellular frequency bands that are currently in use in Nepal.

The Launch of the 5G Network

The Prime Minister said that the government would soon begin 5G testing in Nepal with Nepal Telecom. The 5G spectrum will be acquired by the government-owned telecom corporation for the trial. Ntc announced its preparations for the 5G trial, as well as a comprehensive schedule, in this regard.

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Ntc is currently finalizing the trial’s final details as well as its economic feasibility. It will send its proposal to NTA for approval of frequency and other requirements. As things stand, Nepalese will soon be able to try fifth-generation cellular broadband at Nepal Telecom’s expense.

The jovial Prime Minister also announced plans to construct data centers in seven provinces to improve internet access. He also announced that the government is constructing a data center in Kohalpur, as well as a data center and internet exchange center in Khumaltar, to secure government data from infiltration.

Wi-Fi hotspots in public places and religious shrines are also on the government’s wish .

2021 National ICT Awards On International ICT Day

At the ceremony, the Nepalese government also presented the prestigious National ICT Awards. Huawei was the recipient of the National ICT Award for the Private Sector this year. Mr. William Zhang, the CEO of Huawei Nepal, accepted the award on the company’s behalf from Hon. Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT), Parwat Gurung.

Huawei was recognized for its contribution to the advancement of cellular technology in Nepal. Huawei has actively contributed to the advancement of telecommunications technology. It has also invested in airlines, newspapers, and internet service, among other things, and has maintained a commendable presence in Nepal for the past 21 years.

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There are many categories of national ICT awards. The following were among the other winners:

  • Mr. Sudhir Parajuli (President, ISPAN, Subisu Cablenet) – 2021 National ICT Excellence Award
  • Ms. Kusum Lama (Prabhu Vice President) – National ICT Excellence Award 2021 ()
  • National ICT Award 2021 – Huawei Nepal (Private Sector)
  • National ICT Award 2021, Office of the Auditor General (Public Sector)

National ICT awards are given out by the government to highlight the growing value of ICT and to encourage IT companies. National ICT Day was established in 2018 and is observed on May 2 every year. Individuals and organizations with the highest contributions in the IT sector are recognized for their outstanding results.

What were your thoughts on yesterday’s National ICT Day celebrations? Which part did you find to be the most impressive? Please share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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