NEA starts adopting technology for efficient power supply



Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has taken forward the concept of smart grid for modern services including easy, accessible, reliable and affordable power for customers.

According to the concept of ‘Digital Nepal Electricity Authority’, the old system of power distribution has been upgraded and the new smart grid has been expanded.

The power utility has stated that it has advanced the smart grid system to modernise the power sector of Nepal by introducing the latest technology that has been adopted globally to make power generation, transmission lines and distribution system reliable and timely.

Speaking at a webinar organised by the Society of Economic Journalists Nepal (SEJON) today, NEA Acting Managing Director Hitendra Dev Shakya said that work has already started by promoting the concept of smart grid system for quality and reliable energy.

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According to Shakya, the authority has moved ahead by digitising its infrastructure and services. “As soon as we instal the smart grid system, we will be able to provide quality electricity service to consumers and NEA’s system will also be strengthened. We are modernising the entire system of NEA, including, transmission lines, distribution and load dispatch centres and power generation,” he has been quoted as saying in a media release.

Speaking at the programme, Mukhtor Khamudkha

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