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Nepal Railways railway track between Janakpur and Jayanagar was put to the test.

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Today, the much-anticipated -Jainagar railway route will be put to the test. The speed test and certification of the railway track will be conducted as part of the pre-operation preparations, according to Guru Bhattarai, general manager of Nepal Railway Company.

The job of’speeding’ and ‘certification’ of railway leaks, he claims, will be completed. The diesel locomotive train of India’s East- Railway will be used to evaluate the track speed, he said. “Track speed is a vital activity before running a train service,” he explained. Because the train is traveling at 120 km per hour while being tested, safety on the railway track is critical.

Through his Facebook page, General Manager Bhattarai has residents living near railway tracks not to let people, cows, buffaloes, bicycles, motorbikes, or children on the tracks and to keep a safe distance from them. During the test, he said, appropriate police and workers would be stationed at the tracks and stations.

“If no problems arise on the railway track from Jayanagar to Janakpur during the test, the railway company will hand over a certificate to Nepal Railway Company Limited stating that the Janakpur-Jayanagar railway track is suitable and safe for operation,” he said.

In the event of an accident, General Manager Bhattarai cautioned that the person would be held responsible and legal action would be taken. He asked the people of Jayanagar, Janakpur, and Kurtha to be responsible. Security have been mobilized along the railway leak from Janakpur to the Indian border, according to him.

The two trains were purchased for Rs. 846.59 million from India by the . The train, which can go back and forth, is now under the surveillance of the Armed Police Force at Janakpur’s Inerwa station, which is covered by a tent.

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