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Deficit in Trade Crosses Rs 10 Kharab

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Nepal’s gross foreign trade surpassed Rs 12 Kharba in the first months of the current . Because of the rise in imports, the trade deficit has surpassed Rs 10 Kharba.

Nepal imported worth more than Rs 11.11 Kharba during this period, according to the customs department. Nepal, on the other hand, exported Rs 94.76 Arba. According to the department, the trade deficit between imports and exports is more than Rs 10.16 Kharba.

With Rs 59.74 Arba, diesel remains the most expensive imported commodity in the current fiscal year. Semi-refined iron and steel worth Rs 50.59 Arba, LP gas worth Rs 25.43 Arba, petrol worth Rs 23.36 Arba, and soybeans worth Rs 23 Arba were the next items on the list.

In comparison to the previous year, exports have also increased . Exports have increased by 20.23 percent since Chaitra last year, according to the department. Soybean has boosted Nepal’s exports significantly. Soybean oil worth Rs 28.81 Arba has been exported until Chaitra, according to the department. Cardamom was worth Rs 5.60 Arba, carpets were worth Rs 2.87 Arba, readymade garments were worth Rs 2.77 Arba, and tea was worth Rs 2.71 Arba.

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