Nepali Congress is positive towards MCC: Dila Sangraula,

Nepali Congress is positive towards MCC: Dila Sangraula

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Dr Dila , a central member of the Nepali Congress, has stated that her party supports the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a proposed development aid agreement by the United States.

At a press conference organized by the Nepal Press Union Baglung branch, a member of the House of Representatives suggested that the government continue with getting the MCC approved by the parliament. She expressed the party’s support for the same. “The NC is supportive of MCC because the party will never stand in the way of efforts to growth and prosperity to the nation,” said lawmaker Sangraula.

She accused the incumbent government of being undemocratic and unconstitutional in all of its actions, and expressed her optimism that a new government will be established under NC leadership. ‘ According to her, the NC-led government will be installed in the Gandaki Province soon.

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She also charged the government with failing to demonstrate its effectiveness during the Covid-19 crisis.

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