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Nepse TMS 56 Login | NEPSE Online Trading System

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Shree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd

Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Broker 56

Nepse TMS 56 Login


Sri Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd. (Broker No. 56), a limited company incorporated under the Company Act of 2063 and regulated by the Securities Board of (SEBON) and the Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE), is a securities brokerage firm in Nepal has been in existence since 2068 BC (2011 AD).

Sri Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd. has earned the reputation of a -friendly and full-service broker in Nepal. We provide a full range of securities market products and (broking, dematerialization of physical certificates, providing clients with up-to-date information, and so on) to a diverse group of clients, including individuals and institutions. We were the first to introduce client-focused services, and we aim to remain a in providing exceptional services to increase happiness and loyalty.

We dedicated to providing value-added services to our valued clients while remaining socially, morally, and legally responsible. We have faith in our “Team Sri Hari” individuals who are professional, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and eager to learn.

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