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Offermandu is a one-stop platform for all of your favorite deals and offers.

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Offermandu is a one-stop shop for all of your favorite offers deals from Nepal’s various platforms.

Offermandu uses creative representations and memes to advertise companies, their programs, and deals, allowing users to accept the offers in a meaningful and engaging way. They also post information about national and foreign scholarship giveaways and competitions on a single website to keep the public informed about opportunities. It occasionally posts about offers from various brands and companies, those from outside the , so users don’t have to go looking for the company’s page or website or wait for it to appear in their feed.

Offermandu: The One-Stop Destination for Offers and Deals

Scholarships and contests, an automotive and electronics category, giveaways, online shopping division, entertainment and communications, banks, and an online payment channel are among the categories on the Offermandu website, with exclusive deals on top and several other offers as per the subgroups.

The idea for creating an online portal arose from the CEO’s observation that many promotions and opportunities were being passed up by potential buyers to the lack of a consistent offer posting tool that alerted them to offers and deals going on in their immediate vicinity. He also noticed that companies are overspending on commercials solely to educate the public about their products. This made him understand the value of a website that aggregates all of the best sales, offers, and coupons from various online sources.

We learned how Offermandu went through several pilot phases over the course of three months before the team was pleased with the final mode of operation in a conversation with Bijay Poudel, the company’s CEO and founder. In February 2021, Offermandu’s official website and Facebook page were released.

With the help of two colleagues, Offermandu’s CEO began creating this virtual platform. They now have a team of four people, including two memers, to assist them in their online marketing activities. It aims to reach out to any who is in constant pursuit of deals on items they want to buy, which range from simple household products to luxury products on the website, as Nepal’s only forum for fostering offers and rewards to the public.

The CEO also discussed how he and team hope to engage as many Nepalese as possible via media. He also revealed their plans to extend their scope and website to India as Offerhindstan by December 2021 and the United States by December 2022, for which they already have domain names.

This and other online startup platforms play an important role in changing the way Nepalese people shop and relate to innovation and technology. Offermandu plays an important role by providing a trustworthy source of information as well as providing with offers and services they don’t want to miss out on. Visit Offermandu’s website to join the Offermandu and stay up to date on all of the latest offers and deals in your region.

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