Oli laid the foundation stones for 165 roads in Nepal, but the department lacks a list, as well as DPRs and EIA reports

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Prime Minister laid foundation stones for 65 new road projects, one in each of Representatives constituency, during a special function in Kathmandu on Saturday.

The , on the other hand, claims that it does not have a complete list of the roads being built across the country. Furthermore, the latest projects’ comprehensive project reports and environmental impact assessment reports have yet to be completed.

As a result of the lawmakers’ pressure, the included a project to develop a new road in each constituency in its annual budget plan for this fiscal year.

According to Shiva Prasad , the department’s deputy director-general, the lawmakers have submitted their proposal, but the list has yet to be finalized. “We estimate that the overall of the roads would be about 2,200 kilometers.”

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For this year, the government has set aside Rs 3.2 billion for the project. It will need an additional Rs 54 billion over the next two years, but the government has no idea where the will come from.

Oli’s haste to start the initiative, according to officials from the Ministry of Physical and Transport Management, is nothing more than a political stunt.

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