Online Health Service in Nepal – The best Ones are Listed Here

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“Nothing comes before health,” we’ve all heard from the year 2020. Many people with minor or significant health problems were unable to attend the hospital or clinic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the importance of digitalization of health services has been highlighted as a result of the Pandemic. It has undoubtedly strengthened and expanded the number of health applications available in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best online health services now that we have a plethora of digital medical services to help us stay safe and happy.


Jeevee is an online medical service provider that functions similarly to a hospital. It may seem odd, but that is exactly how it works. You’ll be guided to the store as soon as you open the app or website, which has a wide variety of health items ranging from drugs to skincare.

This app’s “Namaste Doctor” feature allows you to arrange an appointment with a doctor at your leisure. They have over 100 top-notch doctors with whom you can talk about your health problem. Jeevee, which was launched in November 2019, has made an outstanding effort to meet our medical needs in times of crisis.

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NepMeds is a great digital medical service provider with a mobile app and a website that offers critical health care products in a range of categories such as medications, hand sanitizers, infant care products, masks, and more. Users can access laboratories, physicians, vaccine facilities, online health record storage, and guidance on how to live a safe and fit life through NepMeds.

This app has a refer and reward system to draw consumers, which allows users to win wallet balance by introducing the app to their mates. They accept payment through IMEPAY, Esewa, Fonepay, Khalti, and bank cards. If you pay with Khalti or Esewa, you can get a discount of up to 30%. NepMeds currently only operates in Kathmandu and Chitwan, but they intend to expand to other major cities in Nepal in the near future.

Hamro Doctor

Hamro Doctor is a one-stop app that provides a wide range of medical assistance and . To get started with the app, they can choose from a variety of categories. Beginning with the hospital tab, which is organized alphabetically, there are various hospitals in Nepal where you can look up contact information, physicians, wards, and other information. Moving on, we have an Emergency tab that allows you to call an ambulance from a number of hospitals immediately. Similarly, you can quickly find the medication associated with a particular health issue using the tab, depending on the type of health issue.

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Then there’s the doctors page, where you can look up doctors who specialize in different fields of medicine, as well as details about which hospital they work at. This app also contains doctor-written blog posts and live chat forums where users can ask doctors questions about their health. The blood donation service is possibly one of the best features of this app. You may both request blood and register to donate. You can order blood from any of the donors and their complete information is recorded based on their blood types.

Hamro Swasthya

Swasthya Jankari is a smartphone application developed in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic. This app is currently based on COVID-19 and offers important , facts, and information about the virus. They have the most recent COVID-19 figures, which include district-by-district, country-by-country, and worldwide.

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For the time being, this mobile application is only available in Nepali and is very simple to use, requiring no login or signup. The user can consult with a doctor by phone call or email via their emergency contact feature, which also means online doctor service at the touch of a button. According to reports, the app will be updated with more medical features and information in the coming days.

Final Thoughts

The online medical app industry is steadily expanding, with new being released and existing ones being modified to provide the most recent advancements and features. The COVID-19 pandemic has aided the evolution of online medical apps to improve our personal wellbeing and quality of life.

This article is referenced from Nepali Telecom and Tech Sathi

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