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Packs of Arna Beer In the London Beer Competition 2021, bronze and silver medals were awarded

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Arna won Bronze and Silver medals at the London Beer 2021, the world’s most prestigious beer competition held in London. Arna 8 won Silver and Arna Light won Bronze in the International Lager division of the competition held on March 17, 2021.

Yeti Brewery Pvt. Ltd. received special category awards after scoring well in three different categories. The award given to Arna Beer because of its quality, price, and packaging, according to the company. At the same time, Arna Beer won the International Beer Award for the first time, making it the first Nepali brand to do so.

The London Beer Competition’s mission is to recognize and celebrate the consumer’s favorite beer. After reviewing many modern and rediscovered models in various categories, the competition’s judges announced the winners.

Beer was judged at the London Beer Competition on a scale of 1 to 100, with gold medals going to beers with over 90 points and silver medals going to beers with over 76 points.

Abbatiale Genièvre de Houlle from France took first place in the race, scoring 96 points in the Strong Beligian Ale category.

“The craft beer boom has spawned many and rediscovered lost and forgotten beer styles,” said Sid Patel, the competition’s . Our beer judges sampled and discussed all of the registered beers with the help of , beer enthusiasts, beer sommeliers, and experts. Professionals assess the beer’s quality, but it’s also necessary to assess the packaging’s quality and the price-to-quality ratio.

Quality, competitiveness, technological competence, and customer and other participant preferences are all represented in the London Beer Competition.

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