Prabhu TV and DishHome merging process in final stage,

Prabhu TV and DishHome merging process in final stage

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Dishhome and Prabhu TV are combining to form a new entity. DishHome, which has been providing Direct to Home (DTH) service via satellite, and Prabhu TV, which is focused on 2nd generation Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T2), will merge and provide services under one roof in the near future.

IME Group, Chinese investors, Sudip Acharya Group, and Prabhu Group are among DishHome’s investors. Devi Prakash Bhattachan, the chairman of Dishhome, founded Prabhu TV three years ago after selling some of his shares to IME Group.

Since last year, both of these businesses have offered internet and over-the-top (OTT) services. Sudip Acharya, CEO of Dishhome, stated that the merger phase is nearing completion. He mentioned that the matter has been addressed several and that a final decision is currently being made.

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“Some of the founders (promoters) of both companies are the same,” he continued, “and the question of combining has been addressed with the aim of delivering better quality service in the sector.”

He claims that talks of a merger have been going on for a long time. The decision has yet to be taken. The two companies have decided, however, that there is no other option but to integrated services from a single location.

“In this small market, a merger is needed to provide the best service,” he said, “because one business can perform better than many.” The sector of services has shrunk despite the recent introduction of the Clean feed program. As a result, the merger is being considered. However, no conclusion has yet been drawn.’

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The matter is also being addressed, according to a Prabhu TV representative. He mentioned that talks to combine the services are in the works because both companies have the same promoters.

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