Nepal Breaking NewsMarketRealme Dizo announces July 1 event to launch first smart products

Realme Dizo announces July 1 event to launch first smart products

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Realme Dizo announces July 1 event to launch first smart products

Realme’s all-new brand, Dizo, is going to launch first product on July 1. Dizo has announced an event for the first of next month but has not really said what it will launch. Dizo-branded wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and feature phones leaked abundantly, so it is going to be one of these products. I am more interested in feature phones from Dizo because that is something that will bring Realme to a whole new market where phones from iTel, Jio, , and Nokia rule, at least in India.

The Dizo-branded wireless earbuds are two models likely, the Dizo GoPods and the Dizo GoPods D, while the smartwatch is called Dizo Watch. The Vietnamese website Shoppe has been teasing them for a long time, and the teasers for these products have revealed that they are nothing but rebranded Realme Buds Air 2, Realme Buds Q2, and Realme Watch 2 with minor design changes. If that is the case, the purpose of the Dizo brand and the need for products like TWS earbuds and smartwatches do not seem justified.

But for feature phones, Dizo may open the doors to a category that is flourishing away from the world of smartphones. The feature phones have come a long way, so much so that they can now support WhatsApp, Google, YouTube, Gmail apps, among others. All of that is possible because of KaiOS, which powers select Nokia handsets and the JioPhone models. However, there is no information on whether Dizo’s feature phones will support the operating system or if they will be regular feature phones with calling, texting, voice recording .

Some leaked information also points out Dizo will launch a Bluetooth speaker and a vacuum robot, but there are not enough details about them. It is possible Dizo refers to these products at the upcoming launch event but does not unveil them there and then. Realme has already launched a couple of portable speakers and a vacuum robot, so maybe Dizo will rebrand and sell them, much like the GoPods and Dizo Watch.

Dizo, particularly, is teasing a pair of truly wireless earbuds with all music-related tweets, so maybe Dizo GoPods and Dizo GoPods D are the first products under the new sub-brand while the rest of the products will arrive later. We will find out more as the launch event will draw closer and Dizo will share more teasers to build the hype.

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