How To | What IsGovernment RelatedRegister a non-profit company in Nepal. Everything you need to know.

Register a non-profit company in Nepal. Everything you need to know.

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The Company Act of 6 defines three types of . One example is a non-profit organization.

A not-for-profit organization is one that was formed with the intention of not distributing or paying any profit, dividends or other money to its members from profits earned or savings generated for the achievement of any goals. It serves non-commercial social well-being goals.

According to the Business Act, the minimum number of members required to register a not-for-profit company is five (5), with no maximum number of members.

General objectives of a not-for-profit company

  1. For any career or occupation to be developed and promoted.
  2. To safeguard the collective rights and interests of those who work in a given profession or occupation.
  3. To carry on any enterprise with the condition of not issuing dividends in order to achieve any scientific, intellectual, social, benevolent, or public utility or welfare goal.

Required doplusents

Following doplusents are required for registering a not-for-profit company.

  1. Two signed copies of the memorandum of association of the company
  2. Two signed copies of the article of association of the proposed company
  3. The application for registration
  4. Notarised copies of citizenship certificates of all members
  5. The power of attorney: It is a doplusent that provides authority to another person to act on behalf of directors/founders. The person providing the authority is regarded as the principal whereas the person to whom authority is is regarded as an agent.

Procedure for the registration of a not-for-profit company

 Step 1: Online registration of the proposed name as in the registration of other companies

Step 2: Submission of the memorandum of association and the article of association along with the application for registration

Step 3: After examination of all submitted doplusents, the Office of Company Register issue a certificate of registration.

Step 4: Application for business registration at the concerned ward office

Step 5: Application for permeant account number (PAN) registration at the concerned revenue office

Step 6: Registration at Social Welfare Council

A corporation that receives foreign grants must be registered with the Social Welfare Council. It is not necessary to register a corporation that not accept foreign grants.

Tax provisions

The government tax for registering a non-profitable corporation is Rs 15,000, and there is no renewal fee. The above-mentioned charge does not include government taxes levied by the ward office.

Restriction on profit distribution

Not-for-profit organizations are prohibited from delivering dividends, bonuses, or any other money derived from their revenues to its members or staff. If the company makes a profit, it must reinvest money in services or business expansion in order to continue providing services. The company’s revenue and property are not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, , or anybody related to any of them, and must be utilized to further the purpose for which it was formed.

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