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Samsung Brings Suruwaat Naya Utsaah Ko Offer For 2078

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As the Nepali new year approaches, several brands are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the case. On the occasion of the New Year 2078, Samsung, one of Nepal’s most trusted brands, is bringing Suruwaat Naya Utsaah Ko Offer to woo Nepali consumers.

The new offer is an effort by the electronic behemoth to improve the home experience for Nepali consumers. On a wide variety of consumer products such as televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines, the company is offering discounts of up to 35 percent. Let’s a closer look at the deals below.

Samsung’s Deals on High-Definition Televisions

Samsung’s continuous technological advancements and creativity have aided it in closing the gap with television manufacturers. With its own patented Quantum Dot Led , or QLED, Samsung has competed with other major television manufacturers. Samsung currently offers a wide range of television sets in the market, each with its own technology and features.

Samsung Nepal is all set to add more joy and excitement to the lives of all its customers with the best-in-class TVs such as the QLED TV, 4K UHD TV, and Full HD/HD Televisions, which are the perfect mix of creativity, technology, and style, as part of the New Year Offer for 2078.

Samsung’s QLED 4K TV features the most powerful Quantum Dot technology and Quantum 4K processor, delivering 100 percent color volume and the best aesthetics of any 4K TV.

The 4K UHD models a number of smart features, such as multi-voice assistants and a crystal 4K processor, which combine to offer a powerful picture quality with a cutting-edge crystal display.

Standard Full HD Smart TV models, on the other hand, have an immersive Full HD resolution along with smart features like voice assistant and personal computer mode.

Offers from Samsung on Refrigerators

Samsung is also offering discounts on its refrigerators as part of this New Year’s deal. The company has its deals on refrigerators with Side by Side, , and Single Doors.

Samsung’s Curd MaestroTM is one of the company’s most creative home appliances. The refrigerator will make curd in 5 to 6 , making it a one-of-a-kind product right now.

Samsung sees it as a promising product that has the potential to become the most popular refrigerator on the market. The curd-making refrigerators are the first frost-free refrigerators in the world, capable of not only preparing but also preserving fresh curd. This New Year’s offer is valid on the Curd Maestro refrigerator line, which is brand new.

Samsung makes some of the most advanced refrigerators on the market, including those that use Spacemax technology. Since it uses a small amount of high-efficiency insulation, this technology allows the refrigerator’s walls to be much thinner. It generates more storage space without the the exterior dimensions or sacrificing energy efficiency in the process.

Samsung refrigerators also feature Digital Inverter technology, which saves electricity, and Twin Cooling Plus technology, which keeps the temperature at the desired level with precise electronic control.

Washers and Dryers on Sale

Suruwaat Naya Utsaah Ko is a Samsung deal that involves discounts on washers and dryers. Semi-automatic, top load, and front load washers and dryers are available from the Korean behemoth. They feature Samsung’s iconic Eco Bubble and Hygiene Steam Technology, which ensures allergen-free washing up to 99 percent of the time.

Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology, which includes revolutionary AI features that personalize the , offers a next-generation laundry experience.

Hygiene Steam technology, on the other hand, aids in achieving the cleaning efficiency of your wash without the use of pre-treatments. It releases steam from the drum’s bottom, ensuring that all items are saturated. This means that bacteria and allergens are almost non-existent on the clothing.

More Offers have been introduced

Samsung is now offering a two-year warranty on all of its televisions as part of the new promotion. It comes with a one-year full product warranty as well as an extra one-year warranty on the panels.

Meanwhile, all of the company’s refrigerators and washing machines come with a 10-year DIT Warranty. Free installation on selected appliances is also included in the offer.

Validity of Deals

From the 19th Chaitra to the 11th Jestha 2078, the Suruwaat Naya Utsaah Ko offer is true. These discounts are available to consumers who buy Samsung home appliances from approved retailers across the world.

This article has been referenced from Nepali Telecom

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