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Samsung Partners With Ncell To Bring Smartphone Exchange Scheme

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Samsung, one of Nepal’s most successful , has teamed up with Ncell to offer a fantastic scheme for feature phone users. They initiated an exchange scheme called ‘Naya Barsa, Exchange Ko Harsha’ on the occasion of the New Year 2078. It began on Baishakh 1, 2078, and will end on Baishakh 1, 2079. As listed below, you swap feature phones for Samsung smartphones.

What is the scheme “Naya Barsa, Exchange Ko Harsha”?

The exchange scheme ‘Naya Barsa, Exchange Ko Harsha’ is aimed at old feature phone users. program is part of Ncell’s ongoing #FastForwardLife , which aims to accelerate Nepal’s digital adoption.

In the same way, this program is part of Samsung’s dedication to bringing Digital Nepal to life. Samsung hopes to improve consumers’ mobile experiences by introducing them to a world of limitless digital possibilities this bid.

Customers can trade their old feature phones for Galaxy M01 Core and Galaxy M02 phones under this scheme. Along with the 4G compliant smartphone, Ncell will also have an additional 1GB of Ncell data for a period of 12 months. In a year, you would have acplusulated a total of 12 GB of data to use.

Galaxy M01 Core and Galaxy M02 models

The Galaxy M01 Core is available in a single size of 1/16GB for this promotion. Similarly, the Galaxy M02 will be available in two volume sizes: 2/32GB and 3/32GB.

The Galaxy M01 Core and Galaxy MO2 are two of the most user-friendly interfaces currently available. Because of their quick to understand and easy-to-use interface, these 4G-enabled brand new Samsung smartphones are remarkably suitable for people who aren’t well acquainted with smartphones.

Conditions for phoneexchange

Customers’ old feature phones must meet the following two conditions in order to be eligible for exchange.

  • The phone’s battery, , and body should all be in good working order.
  • It should be in good working order before you it on.

Customers can trade their feature phone for a fixed of Rs. 800 if they follow these conditions.

This year’s ‘Naya Barsa, Exchange Ko Harsha’ bid aims to bring happiness into people’s lives. Customers can trade in their old feature phones for brand new Samsung smartphones with Ncell info. This limited-time offer has already begun, so act quickly before it expires.

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