Seven Best Swimming Pools in Kathmandu

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Summer is almost here. The desire to hop into a pool must be on many peopleR7;s minds as the temperatures rise, since a swim in a pool is both relaxing and refreshing.

Both swimming pools and sports-related events were closed due to the Covid-19 . However, as the vaccine is implemented and the number of cases decreases, it is possible that people will don their swimsuits and head to a pool near them.

Here’s a list of famous swimming pools in the Kathmandu valley where you cool off when the weather gets hot:

1. Hyatt Regency Kathmandu in Bauddha

Hyatt Regency Pool Kathmandu Nepal |

This is arguably Kathmandu’s finest swimming pool. It’s tidy and spacious, and with all of the facilities, you’ll have a hard finding a better place to swim. It has a pool for children and another for adults, so you can spend the day there with your children. Even if it is a little pricey, it is perfect for families since it also offers a buffet lunch, which can be purchased as part of a package with pool service.

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2. National Sports Complex in Sat Dobato


If you want to swim in an Olympic-size pool, the national complex is perfect. The water is typically clear, but it is usually very crowded. Avoid the pool on weekends if you’re with your family and want to avoid the crowds. You can leap from one of their podiums if it’s just you and your friends going for a swim. Make sure you’ve done something similar before, because things can go terribly wrong.

3. Swoyambhu Recreational Centre

It’s a tiny pool, but for residents in the neighborhood, it’s a great . Weekends are usually the worst, but if you want to skip the crowds, go during the weekdays and, if possible, in the evening. Even though the pool is tiny, it has a separate section for children. The center’s monthly packages are fair, and if you’re interested, it also provides a family plan.

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4. Shambala Hotel in Maharajgunj

Hotel Shambala Kathmandu Nepal - 4 Star Hotel

The infinity pool at Hotel Shambala is arguably the most stunning swimming pool in the valley. It isn’t especially deep, but its length is adequate for a few laps. The feeling of seeing the sun set in the west and the Kathmandu valley in the south and north is one you will remember for a long time.

5. Mulberry Hotel, Thamel

Der Pool oben auf dem Dach!! - Picture of Hotel Mulberry, Kathmandu -  Tripadvisor

It’s another infinity pool, but it’s much smaller than Shambala. However, the view from here is once again breathtaking. It is a little pricey, but with the facilities on offer, you will undoubtedly return.

6. Dhanyentari in Hadigaun

No photo description available.

This is another low-cost pool that is suitable for both children and adults. It also has excellent students. The region, which is right next to the futsal, is usually deserted in the evenings, making it ideal for a dip before dinner.

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Police Club, Opp. Bhrikuti Mandap

Mahendra Police Health Club
Photo: Sandip Pokhrel

It is one of the country’s largest and busiest swimming pools. It saw a large number of people on a regular basis before Covid-19, but the number of people could be low post-pandemic. It provides swimming lessons to those who are unable to swim and most certainly has the best lifeguards on duty. With a gym and sauna, this location is unrivaled in terms of value.

Learn Swimming at Swimming Everyday Nepal

Despite the lack of a swimming pool, the organization teaches both children and adults to swim. It also teaches swimming to people with disabilities. If you’re interested, give them a call and inquire about when and where their next lesson will be held.

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