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Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Bills Can Now Be Paid Using eSewa

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Yes, you do not need to physically be present at the bank to repay Standard Chartered Bank credit card bills because you can simply pay them through eSewa.

As you are aware, a credit card facility is a type of credit in which the bank allows you to make payments on purchases made it regardless of the size of your bank balance. It provides you with a plastic card in exchange for your to repay the credit on time. In Nepal, credit is granted for a period of 15 to 45 days with a maximum credit limit. As a result, it is obvious that you must redeem your credit card bills in order to activate it the next time. However, it was inconvenient for SCB Credit Card holders because they had few options for redeeming it.

Know More about Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card

Among Nepal’s commercial banks, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal is the well-known for its unrivaled credit card service delivery. Its credit card system is supported by Visa, it offers three major credit card options with attractive reward points to users. SCB credit card payments are accepted in eSewa for the following credit cards:

1. Visa Classic Credit Card

bank’s common credit card service is widely accepted in both Nepal and India. Additional cards can be issued for family members here as well. This credit card service is available to any Nepali citizen with a monthly salaried income of NRs 9,000 or a self-employment income of NRs 10,000. It has a limit of less than NRs 150,000.

2. Visa Platinum Credit Card

It is given to premium customers who have a monthly income of at least Rs 100,000. To be eligible for this, you must have a steady source of income and a credit limit greater than NRs 1,50,000.

3. Bhatbhateni Lav Card

SCB Nepal has created a special card for regular customers of Bhatbhateni Supermarket. SCB co-brands it for BBSM customers who make regular credit card purchases. SCB Nepal offers its customers a 10% on all purchases made at any BBSM outlet when they use this card. Visa Platinum Credit Card holders can get up to 25% cash back on their first purchase at Bhatbhateni Supermarket locations.

4. Priority Banking Credit Card

It is given to who have access to priority banking services. Premium customers are those who conduct larger transactions, have higher deposits, and have access to locker facilities. Priority banking credit card holders have access to pre-approved credit limits with no issuance fees.

These credit cards are only available to those who have a bank in Nepali Rupees. As a result, these credit card users can pay their credit card bills online using eSewa, with the exception of USD Credit Card users, who must maintain a Foreign Currency (FCY) Account. It implies that USD Credit Card holders are ineligible to use this service through eSewa.

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