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Subisu Deploys Nokia’s 400G Fiber Solution

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Subisu has implemented Nokia’s 400G fiber solution across East and West Nepal, covering a 1,500-kilometer backbone network. According to the ISP, the move is part of a plan to modernize its fiber network in order to provide ultra- fiber internet to both retailers and corporate customers.

Following the recent arrival of CG Net’s revolutionary fiber net bundle, a price war has erupted among ISPs, with some already providing cost-effective bundles. Now, it appears that ISPs are feeling compelled to their broadband speed in order to remain competitive.

Nokia, a Finnish , claims to have assisted Subisu with the deployment of a 400G single fiber solution. This program encompasses a 1,500-kilometer-long backbone network spanning East and West Nepal. The incorporation of Nokia’s fiber solution will update Subisu’s FTTH network and assist in reaching new markets in the country.

According to Nokia, the 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platform delivers Photonic Service Engine (PSE) enabled 400G single fiber and bidirectional Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), which would upgrade Subisu’s present fiber system.

Improved Fiber Service To All

Subisu’s fiber capabilities will be enhanced by the 400G infrastructure, enabling ultra-high-speed Internet retail and enterprise users. Customers will be able to meet their increasing bandwidth , which will be exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockout.

“We have been collaborating with Nokia for a long time, and their industry-leading technology and solutions enable us to provide best-in-class broadband services to our users. Nokia the sole vendor for this critical project, and its solutions are allowing us to expand our subscriber base and give a better experience to our existing consumers while also future-proofing our investments,” said Binaya Saud, CEO of Subisu.

Similarly, Vinish Bawa, Head of Emerging Markets at Nokia India, stated, “Our field-proven 1830 PSS solution enables service providers like Subisu to handle growing capacity demand while improving experience.” We are satisfied with the prompt and successful execution of this critical project to update Subisu’s optical network, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Nokia is a well-known manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. Its cutting-edge fiber solutions are assisting in the modernization of broadband internet service in a number of countries. The Finnish company recently installed GPON to assist CG Net in improving its FTTH efficiency and expanding its reach in Kathmandu.

ISPs On The Move

Subisu’s recent deployment of Nokia’s fiber solution is in response to ISPs’ increasing desire to improve their broadband offering. There is currently a significant stir and bustle among the country’s ISPs. Every ISP has been overwhelmed by CG Net’s bumper package of 120Mbps for just Rs.999, sparking a pricing war.

In addition, ISPs have rushed to implement current cutting-edge technologies in order to improve their internet service. The Finnish business recently implemented its GPON for CG Net to improve FTTH efficiency in the Kathmandu valley.

The demand for ultra-high-speed internet at a reasonable price is increasingly becoming more pronounced among both ordinary users and business . This will progressively contribute to the government’s much-touted Nepal Framework.

Subisu is a prominent ISP in Nepal, with a nationwide market reach in both cities and rural . Nokia’s 400G solution will supplement Subisu’s FTTH bandwidth abilities while also assisting it in expanding its business into new .

Subisu cannot remain unaffected in the face of unprecedented competition among ISPs. If you are a Subisu client, what do you expect the Kathmandu-based ISP in the face of upcoming ? Tell us in the comments.

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