Nepal Breaking NewsMarketThankot Depot's gasoline supplies are being obstructed

Thankot Depot’s gasoline supplies are being obstructed

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Five student unions protested at the Thankot Depot Nepal Oil Corporation price increases for petroleum products.

protesting the rise in the price of oil products are obstructing petroleum pumps across the country. The Alliance has been formed by ANNISU-Revolutionary, ANNFSU-Madhav Nepal , the Socialists and Students Union (Upendra Yadav), Akhil Sixth, and all Nepal’s Student Union (Nepal Students Union) to protest the rise in petro-products. They gathered at Thankot for a sit-in protest that began at 9:30 a.m.

According to Chief Abhishek Thakur, the supply was hampered by . “Students have been gathered in the depot’s main entrance since morning.”

However, because most pumps were delivered on Tuesday evening, today’s protest will not result in an immediate shortage of oil products.

According to the National Association of Nepal Petroleum Dealers, some petrol pumps in the Valley remained closed today due to student protests, while many dealers remained open. Students shut down petro dealers at schools and nearby schools, according to Leelendra Pradhan, Association Chairman.

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